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Al-Wakaye Al-Mesreya / Government Bulletin - Issue No. 160

Dated the 16 July 2019

Egypt has begun to improve after such a difficult time and is now on the road to recovery. The current Egyptian government is advocating for multinationals to engage in the investment of the economy.

Ministry of Manpower Decree No. 146 of the Year 2019

With Regard to the Conditions and Procedures of Granting Foreigners Work Permits

Minister of Manpower

After perusal of the Constitution;
Law No. 159 of the year 1981 issuing the law on the joint stock companies, partnerships limited by shares and limited liability companies and its amendments;
The labor law issued as per law No. 12 of the year 2003 and its amendments;
Law No. 72 of the year 2017 promulgating the Investment Law and its executive regulations;
International conventions ratified by Egypt;
Bilateral agreements signed by Egypt;
Ministerial Decree No. 305 of the year 2015 with regard to the conditions and procedures of granting foreigners work permits;
Ministerial Decree No. 150 of the year 2016 with regard to the formation of the committee concerned with the exception from the legal percentage prescribed for the foreign labor against the Egyptian labor;
And based on what we deem appropriate for the benefit of work;


Article (1)

The foreigners may not do work without obtaining the permit therefor from the competent Ministry, Manpower Directorates reporting thereto or the offices established by the Ministry for this purpose in the other entities. It is a precondition that the foreigner is authorized to enter the country and reside therein for the purpose of doing work.

Article (2)

The following categories shall be exempted from obtaining the permit referred to in the previous article:

  1. The exempted ones in accordance with an explicit provision in international conventions that the Arab Republic of Egypt is party thereto within the limits of the provisions of those conventions;
  2. The administrative staff who work in the embassies and consulates of the Arab and foreign states and the agencies affiliated to the regional and international organizations in the Arab Republic of Egypt by means of resolutions issued by the competent authority in their countries;
  3. The foreign correspondents who work in the Arab Republic of Egypt;
  4. The foreign clerics who practice their activities without pay;
  5. The foreign workers on Egyptian vessels on the high seas outside the territorial waters;
  6. Foreigner staff of the committee of the World War graves of the countries of the Commonwealth;
  7. Members and experts of the institutes, centers and missions working in the field of the architectural research and ancient Egyptian monuments;
  8. The foreign investor who has an investor residence for practicing its activity in the country in accordance with the provisions of the governing law;

Article (3)

Whoever employs a foreigner exempted from the condition of obtaining the work permit shall notify the competent directorate within the jurisdiction of which the work premises is located within seven days from the date the foreigner does work and upon the end of his employment therewith.

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