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How to get a work permit in egypt?


Looking to get a work permit in Egypt?

So, you’ve made the decision to work abroad, whew the hard part is over. Or is it? Now you’re wondering what the next steps are. Do you need a work permit and where do you begin? Before you leave your home country, you will want to ensure a smooth process upon arrival.

Job Offer

You must have a genuine job offer in place, as your new employer is essential in the application process

Visa Requirements

Foreign nationals should also check on visa requirements before leaving their home country. There are some countries that are exempt from needing a visa upon entry, however, it can obtained upon arrival. Either way, check with the Egyptian Embassy beforehand.

Accepted a Job, Now What?

An Expat that is intent on working in Egypt needs to get a work permit and there are two different ways to go about it. First, you may have accepted a job offer from an employer in Egypt, which means that the employer will take care of all the paperwork needed to apply and obtain the work permit. Or the second scenario, you have decided to live in Egypt, thus apply from within the country, this way is a bit trickier and complicated to an inexperienced expat , but can be done by hiring a company that specializes in visas and work permits. Once you get the work permit, it is valid for one year and it can be renewed.

Documentation Needed

While the paperwork to get the work permit is pretty standard, you will need to provide a plethora of documents. Some of the required documents are:
• A valid passport
• Seven (7) passport photos
• Two (2) copies of the employer incorporation contract
• Two (2) copies of Tax ID Card
• Two (2) copies of academic degree
• A license required for practicing profession
• A letter from the employer which states why it is necessary to hire a foreigner versus an Egyptian
• Approval from the corresponding authority/ministry
• An official spokesperson from the employer to act on your behalf for the work permit
• A copy showing negative HIV results
• A clearance showing approval from Egypt’s State Security Service

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How Long Does It Take?

It normally takes a few months to obtain a valid work permit, so you need to be patient and plan accordingly. Once you have obtained the permit, your visa can then be turned into a work visa which will be valid for the same amount of time as your work permit.

Take the Headache Away and Contact WPE

Take the headache away and contact Work Permit Egypt (WPE). Work Permit Egypt can help facilitate with the procedure of getting a work permit and visa.

FAQ about egypt work permit

Work Permit Egypt FAQ's

Duration of Visa and Work Permit

A foreign national will need to obtain a work permit in order to do business in Egypt. The duration of a work permit is issued for one year, and it can be renewed annually and for up to five years.

Can a Work Permit be Issued While in Egypt?

A foreign national is normally issued a temporary tourist visa upon arrival at the airport. There are some exceptions for foreign nationals from particular countries, in either case check with the Egyptian Embassy ahead of time by calling, going there physically, or researching and applying online.


An expatriate must have a work permit, in which case a work permit can be obtained if an expat has already arrived on a tourist visa. In this case, once the work permit is secured the foreigner’s original tourist visa is switched to a work visa, which is valid for the same period of time as the work permit.

Can I Switch a Visitor or Tourist Visa to a Work Permit?

Once a foreign national is in Egypt on a tourist visa, it is permissible to obtain a work permit. Once the work permit is gained, the expatriate’s original work visa becomes legal as a work visa and is valid for the same duration as the work permit. However, it does not automatically become a work permit.

Can my Family or Spouse be on the Same Work Permit?

The married partner of a legally working foreign national is not entitled to receive a work permit. Though, in this case the spouse is entitled to obtain an Egyptian residence permit that is valid for the same duration as their partners work permit.


In the event that the married spouse wants to receive a work permit, it must be done separately.

Can my Family or Spouse be on the Same Visa?

The spoused of a legally working expatriate is not entitled to obtain a work visa. If the married spouse wishes to gain a work visa, they must obtain it separately.

Staffing Expats Capacity

According to Egyptian law, an Egyptian business cannot employ more than 10% of foreign nationals to its staff.

Residence Permit

A residence permit is needed to live and work in Egypt legally, it is a document that shows that a foreign national may live for a specific amount of time in the country anywhere from one year and up to five years. When an expatriate does not obtain a residence permit, he or she would then be considered living in Egypt illegally. 

The procedure for living

There are two types of visas for residency outside of the work permit. There is one for those looking to relocate as expats, and this one is usually good for one, three, or five years. The other is for anyone who was born in Egypt before May 29, 1952, or who has lived in Egypt for 20 years.

The process for the temporary residence permit is fairly straightforward. First, you’ll need the tourist/entry visa, which is essentially the same thing, and then you’ll need to apply at the local police station with an application in both English and Arabic, a valid passport that should be current up to six months, and a passport-style photo. These qualifications can change, so check with your local Embassy of Egypt to be sure before heading out.

To acquire a residence permit, reach out to our staff.

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