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Do foreigners need a work permit to work in Egypt?


Do foreigners need a work permit to work inside Egypt?

After the Covid-19 situation and the recession in the European markets, many companies have decided to expand in Egypt.

Those multinational companies want to settle in Egypt and work as quickly as possible. With a staff full of foreigners who shall bring their proficiency to our emerging economic Markets.

For them, Egypt has emerged as a consumer market with significant importance in the region. As witnessed by having global brands in addition to the expansion of retail sales in the past two years. This is due to the massive size of Egypt’s population that put it as the most populated country in Africa and the Middle East.


Do foreigners need a work permit to work inside Egypt?

All Foreigners will need work permits to conduct business in Egypt, whether they will be:

  1. Working for an Egyptian company.
  2. Operating in a foreign company branch.
  3. Running a commercial representative office.
  4. Starting your own private business.

Accordingly, Target will provide work permit services in Egypt which will enable any employer to apply for a work permit to:

  1. Hire foreign skilled employees.
  2. Employ a foreign manager.
  3. Appoint foreign instructors.
  4. Also, we can renew the existing permits for your organization.


Why Do You Need Work Permit Services in Egypt?

Although work permit in Egypt’’ application process is not easy or electronic as in other countries and involves several approvals from different entities.

But understanding how to get a work permit in Egypt and work visa in Egypt is the key to a quick development for your corporation. This is our very own characteristic.


Companies that work with Target can expand even faster. We will use our expert team in Egypt to help and do your recruitment needs on your behalf. Outsource your team, run your payroll, provide compensation and benefits, and even do salary surveys. When you work with our team, you can focus on growing your organization while we take care of everything else. 

A Dedicated immigration partner in Egypt 

Accordingly, we at Target HR Services act as strategic immigration partners for our clients. We have a dedicated team that can help with every step of employment in Egypt.

Work Permit Related Visa Services in Egypt 

The Work permit process includes both before arrival and post-arrival steps such as:

First: Enrollment phase (first-time assignees):


  1. Advising the assignee and company on the requirements. Assisting in preparing and finalizing all the formalities.
  2. Reviewing the required documents before the attestation process at the assignee’s country.
  3. Enrolment of the work permit application at the Ministry of Manpower Egypt & the Immigration Department.
  4. Following up with the Ministry of Manpower Egypt & Immigration Department till receiving the security check approvals and issuing the security code.
  5. Following up with the assignee upon entering Egypt.


Second: Work permit in Egypt & working visa issuance:

  1. Submitting the required forms and documents and completing the relevant formalities as an employer to the assignee.
  1. Arranging and assisting in the medical check. It is must be done in a Governmental hospital. Following up with them till receiving the results with the official Egyptian stamp (the eagle, coat of arms of Egypt).
  2. Receiving all the approvals from the concerned authorities upon the arrival of the assignee to Egypt.
  3. Filing the work permit application along with all the required documents at the concerned work permit office.
  4. Following up with the work permit office till receiving the initial work permit. (initial paper slip valid for 6 months to be extended to other 6 months after performing an additional security check on the assignee).
  5. Filing the work visa for Egypt application. Assisting the assignee while visiting the Passports and Immigration department. In addition to, handling all the formalities on his behalf during the biometric fingerprint.
  6. Following up until receiving the residency card permitted to work and valid for 6 months initially. (same duration as the work permit) until extending the work permit.
  7. Following up with the work permit office and other concerned Authorities until receiving the additional security check results and receiving the final work permit card.


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